by Rev. Gustavo Rivera

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released July 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Rev. Gustavo Rivera Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Bliss St.
It seems like drugs get sold around Bliss Street
I want to hit you up but don't because I've been alive for this long
guata uva uva uva guata, te quiero comer esa lindisima cara
I gain comfort in the acceptance that I am chemically imbalanced
Ariel Castro, stop shaming our people, you're already dead.
Unanimity, life is a battle against time, $$$, ese look tuyo.
There's variety in my disease, you've never truly seen a mother
not give fuck till you've seen this one, if you close your eyes
you can imagine, a cult of green colored roman warriors.
Canto claro y no hablo vago, too much of a man to ask.
I want to grow up to be a giant blue fin tuna, time, the motherfucker
I'm sorry, but if I came to see the Spits I have no patience for your set.
Te di por perdia asique tire otra linea y pronto otra pescada habia.
Sick of this frequent cold, always seems comfy, when it's not one train
it's the other, I know what it's like to be a dirty secret, no matter what
it was a hell of a time, don't end up in a mall fight, damn my body
fast forward me to the Spits, please.
Track Name: Debris
Scintillating debris rippling in through the wind
my room is so dope now, I feel like I've lived so many lives
and this lifetime has yet to cease, I might do it soon
been feeling like I don't like what I see, I might go somewhere
I've never been before, I am so in love with you
and I also hate you and me likewise, I'm trying to figure out
if this pain that I feel is my kidney or my soul
you only kiss me because I taste like wine
Track Name: Going to the Moon
I heard you once went to the moon and were scandalous
en la oscuridad, don't be afraid
definite need to end the abuse and neglect of pitbulls
la chadou da bag. it's healthy and safer, ok
I am the question and you are the answer
and viceversa, how often do you clip your toenails?
Yo, Obama, still waiting on your care
a brain eating amoeba, en las bajas, ¿puo quoi?
You don't need to cut yourself for love, talk to me
¿quien te va salvar? The phantom of the 7 train
feel so rich in nothing, maybe it was always my fault
oh well, suicida, suicida, suicida no es la salida, jaja
blah, :(, everything's cool now because I found my shit
but damn, I am slightly insane
the best solution seems to be not giving a fuck
feel an intense sensation of creepy-crawly on my face
after a dream about raising queer snakes
and upon consciousness it shifted to fear
I have never been so afraid in my life
well, maybe that time a junkie held me in a back-arm-lock
and another put a rusty machete to my kidney
sometimes the heat of the shower burns
and I tell myself, suck it up mofo, shit happens
what matters is you get up, learn, and be stronger.
Track Name: Mist Clouds
Mist clouds, the sound of the train passing below me
I was spoken to by so many different voices last night
during my sleep, I was on my cell phone and an old friend
was telling me the purple-faced dwarf walking the pasture
could hook it up good, but I chose to run into you instead
we were together again, and you were doing well
we enjoyed joint observation of children's developing writing
aw, God, my beer's almost done, it's a nice kind of rain
though it's comforting to be dry again
the darkness is a just blue, live to not gain
then die, Bobby Vinton understands.
Track Name: Old Man Gloom
I'm so glad I can only think of myself in the third person
because surely I'd be slapping the motherfucker
if I saw him, I just spit voodoo at some stupid bitch
there is a monster inside me, shit goes in and shit comes out
incidentally, I also pretty much stopped smoking weed
if anything, blame it on that, maybe the message wasn't so wrong
but you can't just take out your pain on others.

Believe what you got to believe to justify your means
but you'll get your lessons from the most unexpected places
what goes around does come around, well, I feel like an asshole
because I am, I might've said it when I was drunk
but probably felt/thought it first when I was sober.

You can be a better asshole if you want and a gentleman if you cared
trust me, a similar experience would occur if you stepped in my way
on a crowded path, and I was in a hurry, except it'd all be communicated
with just the power of the stare from my eyes, if anything
you will know me as the one who pushed you, if anything
I've chosen the cage in which I am confined, was that last one necessary?
Maybe I should just stop, there are lights in my room now.
Track Name: Poof
A long poof across the sky, I am following the moon
I had a dream where people from my past kept asking me
what I had been up to, and my consistently cold response was
"I work everyday, it sucks," without even looking up at them
my last day off was about a month ago, this is class war
which side are you on? Fuck your theory, fuck your school
I'm going crazy because I can't stop thinking about you
you seem perfect, but nothing is, and I will lose
I brought you into presence with my mind-thought
I'm so tired, that's why I think I love you, I've already seen my death
my future goals include being canonized as a hood saint
you don't say no to love even if you don't understand it
having to work is never a good excuse not to drink, yeah
fuck yeah, I'm warning you, I'll stick a knife right into you
I'm too drunk to be alive right now, meteor, please hit here.
Track Name: Stellar
Sometimes I have dreams when I'm thinking about things
and when I'm awake I'm not sure which thoughts are mine
the sun definitely hits harder in Bedstuy.

I'm excited to go back home and sleep, last night
I whistled at some bike cops from a porch
and told them they were "looking good"
seems feelings regarding things change via habit
farmer market apples, yes, please
I want to dedicate my life deeds to the honeybees.

What is it about how I live my life that drains me so?
I had a bad dream about hard drugs, and I'm glad that I'm awake
I'm too fast for all of you, nobody but myself has decided my future
just how I like my coffee, dark and sweet.

The weather's so nice, how's the weather?
Fucking love the weather right now, fat clouds look so thick
as all outdoors, orange-red and hot, I've come to realize
how frail human skin is, just took off my shoes at a bar
asked a girl if she liked the rock n roll
because that's what flows through my veins
but you don't ever really have to listen
I will overcome the peel of your fruit with the tenderness of my fingertips
and I will leave the inedible mess floating above on the water's surface
and the sweet nutrification you contain will be ready for me to dive into.

It feels so good to undress, fruit was placed on this Earth
so that we could enjoy ourselves in our time
I can hear your response and you're not even using your vocal structures
there's just something about the smell of bellybuttons.

I got a big nose, I've been told it's well-formed
I will fuck you with my nose, we're sleeping in
baby, we're sleeping in, so stellar.