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I'm so glad I can only think of myself in the third person
because surely I'd be slapping the motherfucker
if I saw him, I just spit voodoo at some stupid bitch
there is a monster inside me, shit goes in and shit comes out
incidentally, I also pretty much stopped smoking weed
if anything, blame it on that, maybe the message wasn't so wrong
but you can't just take out your pain on others.

Believe what you got to believe to justify your means
but you'll get your lessons from the most unexpected places
what goes around does come around, well, I feel like an asshole
because I am, I might've said it when I was drunk
but probably felt/thought it first when I was sober.

You can be a better asshole if you want and a gentleman if you cared
trust me, a similar experience would occur if you stepped in my way
on a crowded path, and I was in a hurry, except it'd all be communicated
with just the power of the stare from my eyes, if anything
you will know me as the one who pushed you, if anything
I've chosen the cage in which I am confined, was that last one necessary?
Maybe I should just stop, there are lights in my room now.


from I CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL WITH A HOTSHOT, released July 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Rev. Gustavo Rivera Brooklyn, New York

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