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Sometimes I have dreams when I'm thinking about things
and when I'm awake I'm not sure which thoughts are mine
the sun definitely hits harder in Bedstuy.

I'm excited to go back home and sleep, last night
I whistled at some bike cops from a porch
and told them they were "looking good"
seems feelings regarding things change via habit
farmer market apples, yes, please
I want to dedicate my life deeds to the honeybees.

What is it about how I live my life that drains me so?
I had a bad dream about hard drugs, and I'm glad that I'm awake
I'm too fast for all of you, nobody but myself has decided my future
just how I like my coffee, dark and sweet.

The weather's so nice, how's the weather?
Fucking love the weather right now, fat clouds look so thick
as all outdoors, orange-red and hot, I've come to realize
how frail human skin is, just took off my shoes at a bar
asked a girl if she liked the rock n roll
because that's what flows through my veins
but you don't ever really have to listen
I will overcome the peel of your fruit with the tenderness of my fingertips
and I will leave the inedible mess floating above on the water's surface
and the sweet nutrification you contain will be ready for me to dive into.

It feels so good to undress, fruit was placed on this Earth
so that we could enjoy ourselves in our time
I can hear your response and you're not even using your vocal structures
there's just something about the smell of bellybuttons.

I got a big nose, I've been told it's well-formed
I will fuck you with my nose, we're sleeping in
baby, we're sleeping in, so stellar.


from I CAN SAVE YOUR SOUL WITH A HOTSHOT, released July 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Rev. Gustavo Rivera Brooklyn, New York

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